November 5, 2016 8pm at Ursuline Arts Center

Our festival style concert presents the works of Amerlia Koper Dances, Theresa Bautista, Amanda Browning, Faryn Kelly and Meghen McKinley.

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Set and Reset Press Release

Moving Collective presents Set and Reset

Louisville, KY, August 17, 2016

Moving Collective takes the stage again for its 11th season. Moving Collective’s Fall concert, Set and Reset will take place November 5, 2016 at the Ursuline Arts Center, located on the Sacred Heart Campus at 3113 Lexington Road, in Louisville, Kentucky. Tickets are available at the door or at, $20 General Admission, $15 Students and Seniors.

Co-artistic directors, Theresa Bautista and Amanda Browning along with co-producers, Amanda Rollins, Nicole André, and Amber Marquez have selected five works for the program that showcase choreographers from every corner of the region. Featured in the concert are several Moving Collective veterans including, Theresa Bautista, Amanda Browning, and Meghen L. McKinley of Bowling Green, KY. Also, featured will be newcomers Ameilia Koper Heintzelman of Amelia Koper Dance and Faryn Kelly of Lexington, KY.


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Co-artistic director and Moving Collective founder, Theresa Bautista will present a movement study entitled “Vicissitudes” (2016). This work showcases the succession of one state to another. Eight dancers explore the potential and limitations of the body in different levels of space from the ground to the air.

Platformed 4

The newest member of Moving Collective’s artistic staff, Amanda Browning of Jeffersonville, IN, will present the only world premiere in the concert. Browning’s “Platformed 4” is a light hearted, dance theatre piece involving 4 dancers who have just missed their desired train.  Having to wait for the next available departure, these grumpy, anxious, and exhausted travelers must make the best of their current situation. Through the use of movement, exaggerated gestures, luggage, and a few charismatic souls, these strangers create amusing ways to pass the time. After exploring various modes of transportation, games, and social situations the dancers will become so engrossed in their escapades they will almost miss the train they had once been desperately waiting for.

Inside these walls

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Meghen L. McKinley of Bowling Green, KY is returning to Louisville for the second time. Her work ʻInside These Wallsʻ was inspired by the short story ʻThe Yellow Wallpaperʻ by Charlotte Perkins Gilman. The athletic, gritty, gestural work brings movement to the vivid images of turmoil, torment, and isolation that Gilman so deeply explored in her writing. This solo was expanded upon to create a group work and a developing solo dance film. Reworking this solo in a new location allows for further exploration and development of Gilmanʻs words through movement. 

Building Bones

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Moving Collective newcomer, Amelia Koper Heintzelman of Amelia Koper Dance of Cincinnati, OH along with musician Albert Sigman will present “Building Bones.” This work aims to recreate the sensation of feeling at home and that feeling evolves in definition with time while some aspects stay the same.Within the work there are analogies of changing homes like a storm, with projections of lightning and music similar to thunder. As with a thunderstorm, finding home can be turbulent, unsettling, and sometimes scary, but also peaceful, quieting, and surprising. Photo credit MamLuft&Co. Dance


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Faryn Kelly of Lexington, KY and a recent graduate of Wright State University is restaging her senior project entitled “Jettison.” Kelly’s work explores the way that people affect each other and the toll of being connected to another person. The work tries to understand being the sacrifice, being the sacrificer, and being somewhere in between, carrying the weight of another person. 

With the success of ten seasons behind them, Theresa Bautista, Amanda Browning, Amanda Rollins, Nicole André, and Amber Marquez are continuing to foster the growth of and appreciation for modern dance. Moving Collective exists not as a traditional dance company, but as a collection of independent, evolving choreographers and dancers from several states. We are performance-driven with goals to keep contemporary dance alive in Louisville and to provide a professional work atmosphere and venue for innovative choreographers and professionally-trained dancers.

Moving Collective was created by Theresa Bautista in 2005 and designed to provide the growing number of area choreographers an opportunity to showcase their work, utilizing the depth of talented contemporary dancers in the Louisville area. This year Moving Collective has proudly presented more than 150 choreographic works and showcased the talents of over 100 dancers.